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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aitken, Walter  8 Sep 1867Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6788
2 Amos, Colin Mark  12 Dec 1906Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I10209
3 Beale, Agnes Elizabeth  28 Aug 1877Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5785
4 Beale, George  18 Jan 1849Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5734
5 Beale, George Simeon  19 Jan 1875Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5784
6 Beale, George Thomas  1914Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5913
7 Beale, John Thomas  28 Jan 1873Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5783
8 Bray, Frederick Leo  3 Oct 1915Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5850
9 Brown, Annie  1870Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6862
10 Carter, Florence  2 Nov 1888Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5809
11 Cornish, Ian Ernest  21 Jan 1941Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9707
12 Cornish, Norman Keith  21 Apr 1906Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9705
13 Cornish, Winifred Mary  8 Jun 1938Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9706
14 Dobbie, Christina St Clair  1867Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I39696
15 Downey, Gwenda Doris  29 Jul 1926Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6116
16 Dyason, Dr. Diana Joan  10 Jul 1919Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I40507
17 Farrer, John Peter  3 Oct 1948Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I40499
18 Gillespie, Alexander Clarke  1872Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25813
19 Gillespie, Jessie Elizabeth  1879Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25815
20 Heeps, Thomas Walter  1 Sep 1875Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5747
21 Hodgkinson, Robert Leslie Harding  12 Apr 1889Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5832
22 Hughes, Dorothy May  1912Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5937
23 Kingston, Sarah Henrietta  1864Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25792
24 MacGuire, Marie Patricia  11 Nov 1916Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I10414
25 Mathieson, Joseph Leslie  12 Oct 1923Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6016
26 Mawby, Frank Colin  6 Apr 1915Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16542
27 McKinna, Jody Ann  1971Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6450
28 Nilsson, Roy Robilliard  28 Jun 1914Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5841
29 Patten, Lorna May  29 Dec 1930Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25991
30 Pitt (Steward), Elizabeth Jane  1 Nov 1879Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16580
31 Ram, Frank Samuel Claude  27 Sep 1903Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5957
32 Russell, George  1878Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25893
33 Russell, George Touzel  10 Jan 1916Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25953
34 Russell, Herbert  1889Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25901
35 Russell, Ian Douglas  27 Apr 1918Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25956
36 Russell, James  1878Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25895
37 Russell, Jessie  1886Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25898
38 Russell, Mary  1882Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25897
39 Russell, Robert Alexander  1880Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25896
40 Russell, Ruby Victoria  1887Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25900
41 Trench, Henry Vincent le Por  Oct 1905Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I10210
42 Whelan, Terence Russell  16 Aug 1944Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I43696


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aitken, Agnes Jane  2 Dec 1966Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8364
2 Aitken, Catherine  25 Jun 1998Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8367
3 Aitken, James William Chambers  1971Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8656
4 Aitken, Mary Younger  6 Aug 1974Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I7238
5 Aitken, Maxwell Vane  11 Mar 2004Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9666
6 Beale, Agnes Elizabeth  17 Nov 1957Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5785
7 Beale, Arthur James  1 Dec 1935Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I38674
8 Beale, Emily Susan  4 Nov 1934Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5787
9 Caldwell, James Arthur  1960Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14571
10 Clinton, Emily Alison  19 Dec 1962Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5800
11 Cornish, Ian Ernest  17 Apr 2005Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9707
12 Cox, Hazel Agnes  15 May 1987Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16509
13 Daniell, Vernon John Aitken  26 Nov 1984Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9670
14 Gilmore, Andrew John  1954Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25986
15 Heeps, Daisy  7 Oct 1973Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5768
16 Malcolm, Edna Alice  12 Mar 2006Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16589
17 Manning, Thomas Joseph  2 Mar 1994Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5906
18 Manning, William Stanley  2012Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6147
19 Mawby, Charles Walter  10 Feb 1994Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16545
20 Mawby, Frank Colin  8 Sep 1996Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16542
21 Mawby, Norman Edgar  22 Apr 1992Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16538
22 Mawby, Olive Mary  19 Oct 1941Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16537
23 Mawby, Stanley George  21 Sep 1975Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16544
24 Mawby, Thomas Malcolm  17 Nov 1959Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16539
25 McGuiness, Benjamin Donald  3 Jan 1977Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16505
26 McGuiness, Janet Agnes  3 Nov 1964Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16497
27 McGuiness, Thomas Dare  26 Mar 1977Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16504
28 McMorran, Mary Baird  4 Apr 1941Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5163
29 Morris, David  14 Jan 1986Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8378
30 Osmond, Beatrice May  1963Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5777
31 Russell, George Touzel  1958Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25953
32 Russell, Ian Douglas  7 Nov 2005Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25956
33 Russell, James  1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25895
34 Russell, Margaret  31 Oct 1883Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25892
35 Russell, Mary Touzel  2007Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25954
36 Tennant, Alexander McArthur  30 Jan 1966Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8487
37 Watkins, Daisy Eileen  1934Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I31266


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 McPherson, Alexander Livingstone  1956Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25844


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Campbell, Lilias  19 Dec 1857Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I43505
2 Dyason, Edward Clarence Evelyn  20 Nov 1923Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25915
3 Heeps, John Joel Mcluckie  Apr 1935Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5771
4 Hopkins, Flora  30 Oct 1912Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I38548
5 McClure, David  May 1859Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25765
6 Thomson, William  29 Nov 1883Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25891
7 Tovey, Dorothy Maude  30 Oct 1912Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5930
8 Watt, Marjorie Mailor  Apr 1935Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5772


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clipstone / Gilmore  1911Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F9414
2 Cook / Gerrand  1940Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F9450
3 Heeps / Gook  1926Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F1918
4 Jurgensen / Downey  1946Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F2039
5 McKinna / Brown  18 Nov 1939Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F1971
6 McPherson / Anson  14 Jun 1923Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F9417
7 Russell / Touzel  17 Mar 1904Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F9437