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Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England


Latitude: 50.926811, Longitude: -1.79167


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jane  1853Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15643
2 Mary  1790Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15450
3 Mary Jane  1841Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20096
4 Bartlett, Eliza  1851Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15625
5 Bartlett, Harriett Sophia  1851Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15740
6 Britten, Annie  16 Oct 1871Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15579
7 Chilcott, Harry  1875Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I21148
8 Chilcott, Walter  1901Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I21149
9 Clark, Sarah Elizabeth  1847Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20949
10 Crook, Harold  1907Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20881
11 Dommett, Edward John  4 Sep 1915Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20817
12 Downer, Clara  1875Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20953
13 Downer, Edith Caroline  1868Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20950
14 Downer, Elizabeth  Jul 1872Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20952
15 Downer, Flora  1879Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20954
16 Downer, George  1840Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20229
17 Downer, Henry  1842Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20230
18 Downer, Isabella  1870Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20951
19 Downer, Thomas Henry  1846Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20232
20 Dymott, Mary  1746Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15491
21 Emans, Hannah  1809Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15547
22 Frampton, Martha  1822Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15699
23 Frowd, Cecil Robert  21 Jul 1909Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20914
24 Frowd, Charles Sidney  10 Aug 1887Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20909
25 Frowd, Elizabeth  1848Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20798
26 Frowd, Emily  1846Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20797
27 Frowd, Emily  9 Dec 1888Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20910
28 Frowd, Robert  29 Sep 1880Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20906
29 Frowd, Una Joyce  15 Mar 1920Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20920
30 Gosney, Selina  1852Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15746
31 Gouge, Charles  1867Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15575
32 Gouge, Elizabeth Beatrice  28 May 1893Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15576
33 Gouge, Flora May  26 Jul 1904Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20962
34 Gouge, Wilfred Charles  7 Jan 1895Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15577
35 Gouge, William  1830Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15686
36 Gouge, William Harry  1899Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15578
37 Gould, Elizabeth  1842Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15536
38 Gould, Henry  1840Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15538
39 Gould, John  1880Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I34726
40 Gould, Phyllis E R  14 Dec 1911Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20880
41 Hodges, Ada Edith  16 Jun 1898Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I21017
42 Hodges, Ethel Maud  1892Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I21016
43 Hodges, Flora Jane  Jul 1878Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I21012
44 Hodges, Harry George  1880Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I21013
45 Hodges, James  1856Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I21011
46 Hodges, Kate  1883Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I21014
47 Hodges, Wilfred James  3 Aug 1889Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I21015
48 Horsey, Charles  1875Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20721
49 Horsey, Charles John  25 May 1896Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20722
50 Horsey, Harriet Ellen  20 Dec 1897Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20723

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bartlett, Eliza  16 May 1851Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15625
2 Gouge, Charles  28 Apr 1867Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15575
3 Hodges, James  27 Jul 1856Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I21011
4 Jeffries, Elizabeth  10 Dec 1769Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15489
5 Mist, Alice Hester  5 Mar 1871Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I22699
6 Mist, Beatrice Annie  6 Jun 1875Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I22701
7 Mist, Eliza  5 Jun 1842Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I21738
8 Mist, John  6 Apr 1873Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I22700
9 Mist, Robert  19 Nov 1797Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15496
10 Mist, Virtue  10 Mar 1843Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15662
11 Palmer, Alfred  26 Aug 1855Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I22106
12 Rouse, Absalom  15 Feb 1857Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I22129
13 Scovell, James  28 Feb 1841Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15475
14 Scovell, Mary  28 Apr 1846Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15478
15 Wort, Charles  17 Feb 1804Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15499
16 Wort, Dorcas  5 Oct 1810Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15503
17 Wort, Henry  1 Sep 1813Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15504
18 Wort, Henry  17 Apr 1838Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15670


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary  1876Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15450
2 Bacon, Eveline Daisy  6 Sep 1974Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I34522
3 Downer, Henry  31 Dec 1906Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20230
4 Frowd, Henry  1897Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20799
5 Frowd, Una Joyce  1993Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20920
6 Frowd, William  1928Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20800
7 Gosson, Ruby Winifred  21 Jul 1995Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20218
8 Gouge, Charles  1928Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15575
9 Gouge, Wilfred Charles  1 Jan 1986Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15577
10 Gould, John  1899Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I34651
11 Gould, Richard  1880Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15449
12 Hodges, James  1931Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I21011
13 Jeffries, Elizabeth  9 Nov 1824Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15489
14 Kimber, Florence  1905Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20870
15 Marsh, Alfred John  6 Apr 1916Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20070
16 Mist, Albert James  29 Aug 1975Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I21412
17 Mist, Emma  1892Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15739
18 Mist, George  1915Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15720
19 Mist, James  1854Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15661
20 Mist, Lily Winifred  1895Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I22702
21 Mist, Robert  27 Mar 1881Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15496
22 Scovell, Edward  7 Jan 1864Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15487
23 Scovell, Elizabeth  31 Jul 1846Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15477
24 Scovell, Elizabeth  24 Sep 1873Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15479
25 Scovell, George  25 Feb 1897Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15474
26 Scovell, Harry  25 Apr 1881Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15638
27 Scovell, Hester  16 Feb 1863Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15485
28 Scovell, John  21 Mar 1859Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15484
29 Scovell, John  17 Feb 1863Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15486
30 Scovell, Lillie  6 Mar 1897Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15639
31 Scovell, Mary  10 May 1846Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15478
32 Scovell, Richard  17 Jun 1923Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15480
33 Tilly, Jane  1875Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15448
34 Viney, Kate Maria  1897Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15571
35 Wort, Charles  May 1804Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15499
36 Wort, Dorcas  1810Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15503
37 Wort, Eliza  1880Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15498
38 Wort, Elizabeth  1867Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15451
39 Wort, Elizabeth  1880Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15501
40 Wort, Flossy May  1928Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15580
41 Wort, George W  Dec 1867Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15443
42 Wort, Henry  1888Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15504
43 Wort, James  Feb 1859Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15492
44 Wort, John  1849Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15447
45 Wort, Mary  17 Jan 1892Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15453
46 Wort, Phoebe  10 Jan 1859Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15495
47 Wort, Reginald George  1924Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15581
48 Wort, Rhoda  27 May 1887Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15648
49 Wort, Sarah  1887Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15649


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Mist, James  24 Jul 1854Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15661
2 Scovell, Elizabeth  3 Aug 1846Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15477
3 Scovell, Mary  14 May 1846Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15478
4 Wort, Charles  16 May 1804Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15499
5 Wort, Dorcas  9 Nov 1810Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15503
6 Wort, John  27 Sep 1849Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15447
7 Wort, Phoebe  16 Jan 1859Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15495


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Clark, Sarah Elizabeth  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20949
2 Clark, Thomas  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I21040
3 Gurd, Eliza  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I21041


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Anne  1881Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20115
2 Elizabeth  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I21036
3 Harriet  1851Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20778
4 Bartlett, Eliza  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15625
5 Bartlett, Robert  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20071
6 Clark, Sarah Elizabeth  1871Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20949
7 Clark, Sarah Elizabeth  1881Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20949
8 Clark, Sarah Elizabeth  1891Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20949
9 Clark, Sarah Elizabeth  1901Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20949
10 Downer, Charles  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20228
11 Downer, Clara  1881Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20953
12 Downer, Edith Caroline  1871Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20950
13 Downer, Edith Caroline  1881Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20950
14 Downer, Elizabeth  1881Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20952
15 Downer, Flora  1881Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20954
16 Downer, Flora  1891Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20954
17 Downer, Flora  1901Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20954
18 Downer, Frank  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20231
19 Downer, Henry  1871Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20230
20 Downer, Henry  1881Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20230
21 Downer, Henry  1891Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20230
22 Downer, Henry  1901Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20230
23 Downer, Isabella  1871Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20951
24 Downer, Thomas Henry  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20232
25 Gould, Caroline  1871Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15430
26 Mist, Elizabeth  1851Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15669
27 Robinson, Lucy Anna  1851Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15704
28 Robinson, Robert  1851Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20777
29 Scovell, Charles  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15476
30 Scovell, Elizabeth  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15479
31 Scovell, George  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15481
32 Scovell, George  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15474
33 Scovell, Hester  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15485
34 Scovell, Mary Jane  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15482
35 Scovell, Richard  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15480
36 Scovell, William  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15483
37 Thorne, Josephine  21 Jun 2005Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I35434
38 Tilly, Jane  1871Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15448
39 Viney, Charles  1881Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I20114
40 Viney, Kate Maria  1881Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15571
41 Wort, Elizabeth  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15451
42 Wort, Elizabeth Phebe  1871Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15444
43 Wort, Ellen  1871Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15440
44 Wort, George  1851Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15671
45 Wort, George  1871Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15429
46 Wort, George William  1871Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15445
47 Wort, Henry  1851Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15504
48 Wort, Henry  1851Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15670
49 Wort, Jane  1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15452
50 Wort, Jane  1871Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England I15441

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chilcott / Mist  1900Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7563
2 Clements / Frowd  1914Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7484
3 Dommett / Frowd  1869Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7442
4 Downer / Wort  5 Nov 1840Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7221
5 Frowd / Wort  1846Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7441
6 Gouge / Wort  1892Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F5535
7 Hayward / Hodges  1916Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7541
8 Hodges / Wort  1878Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7512
9 Horsey / Mist  1896Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7413
10 Jones / Wyatt  1885Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7507
11 Lockyer / Scovell  1907Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7161
12 Marsh / Scovell  1897Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7162
13 Martin / Downer  1894Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7528
14 Millard / Wort  1895Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7213
15 Mist / Bartlett  Oct 1881Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F5576
16 Mist / Frampton  2 Oct 1844Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F5562
17 Mist / Wort  6 Jun 1822Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F5520
18 Sherren / Downer  Oct 1891Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7548
19 Slade / Hodges  1905Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7540
20 Standhaft / Downer  1906Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7498
21 Thorn / Mist  1902Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7414
22 Wort / Britten  1895Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F5536
23 Wort / Gould  28 May 1855Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F5507
24 Wort / Green  8 Jul 1865Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F5566
25 Wort / Jones  7 Jun 1897Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F4592
26 Wort / Mist  16 Feb 1838Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F5555
27 Wort / Sawyer  9 Sep 1847Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F5517
28 Wort / Tilly  14 May 1818Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F5511
29 Wright / Frowd  1907Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England F7487