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Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Doig, Margaret Fergus  9 Sep 1880Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38357
2 Gray, Andrew  5 Sep 1870Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I39327
3 Gray, Helen Robertson  30 Dec 1872Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I39324
4 Gray, Peter F  25 Mar 1871Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I39328
5 Hall, Andrew  28 Jan 1906Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I37422
6 Hall, Donald  11 Dec 1914Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I37424
7 Hall, William  1 Nov 1912Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I37423
8 Henderson, Frances M S  1927Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I35581
9 Henderson, Gordon Stewart  11 May 1946Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I35579
10 Malcolm, Alexander  1893Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I34585
11 Naismith, Ellen  1888Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I37970
12 Naismith, Georgina  1890Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I15989
13 Naismith, Josiah  28 Aug 1884Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I15990
14 Naismith, Margaret  1894Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I37982
15 Naismith, William C  1896Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I15991
16 Naismith, Williamina  1887Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I37981
17 Shiels, Hugh Gray  2 Dec 1884Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I34620


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Henderson, Frances M S  1929Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I35581
2 Malcolm, Robert McKenzie  1979Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38154
3 Millar, Janet Dobbie  1996Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I3305
4 Mungall, Robert  30 Oct 1963Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I25711
5 Naismith, James  24 Jun 1896Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I3240


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Janet Shaw  15 Jun 1921Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I25692
2 Aitken, James  20 Apr 1912Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I32697
3 Bell, Jessie  17 Aug 1905Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I7755
4 Blackwood, Christina Russell  20 Apr 1924Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I36512
5 Blackwood, Jane Sharp  20 Apr 1924Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I36508
6 Love, Eleanor  11 Jul 1910Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I7068
7 Mackay, George  17 Jun 1911Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I32287
8 Mackay, Isabella Cowie Gunn  17 Jun 1911Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I32284
9 Mackay, James MacAuslane  17 Jun 1911Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I32286
10 Mackay, Lindsay Cowie  17 Jun 1911Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I32283
11 Mackay, Robert Aitken  17 Jun 1911Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I32285
12 Mackay, Robert Aitken  17 Jun 1911Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I7959
13 Main, Annie Shaw  15 Jun 1921Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I25709
14 Main, Joseph  15 Jun 1921Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I28356
15 Main, Thomas  15 Jun 1921Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I25691
16 McAuslane, Jemima Lindsay  17 Jun 1911Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I32282
17 Proven, Alison  21 Feb 1930Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I14690
18 Russell, Joanna Colquhoun  20 Apr 1924Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I24281
19 Westwater, Leo Ronald  17 Aug 1905Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38492
20 Westwater, Waldo  17 Aug 1905Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38491


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    emmigration    Person ID 
1 Baker, Annie McLaren  1 Jul 1911Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38311
2 Baxter, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1906Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38335
3 Birrell, Julia  12 Oct 1923Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38356
4 Clydesdale, Annie B  1 Jul 1911Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38314
5 Clydesdale, Christina  7 Apr 1906Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38336
6 Clydesdale, James  19 Aug 1910Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38308
7 Clydesdale, John  7 Apr 1906Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38338
8 Clydesdale, John  1 Jul 1911Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38313
9 Clydesdale, Julia Birrell  12 Oct 1923Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38360
10 Clydesdale, Margaret  1 Jul 1911Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38326
11 Clydesdale, Marion  12 Oct 1923Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38340
12 Clydesdale, Marion Allan  24 Jan 1914Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38310
13 Clydesdale, Marion Gillon  1 Jul 1911Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38312
14 Clydesdale, Mark D  30 Jun 1906Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38309
15 Clydesdale, William Birrell  6 Oct 1922Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38358
16 Dean, James  20 Apr 1907Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38405
17 Green, Walter James  14 Jun 1930Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38934
18 Green, Walter James  14 Jun 1930Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38933
19 Hynd, Herbert  1906Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I24994
20 Johnston, Sarah  28 Dec 1922Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38359
21 Mackenzie, Rev Murdoch  22 Sep 1922Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I608
22 McQueen, Edith  23 Jul 1923Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38927
23 McQueen, Edith  14 Jun 1930Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38927
24 Scrymegor, Robert  21 Oct 1905Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I17225
25 Shiels, Hugh Gray  18 Feb 1911Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I34620
26 Sinclair, Alice  23 Jul 1923Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I9250


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Clydesdale, Mark D  15 Jul 1919Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I38309
2 Sinclair, Alice  5 May 1931Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I9250
3 Taylor, Agnes  4 Jun 1933Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I10321


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Naismith, Josiah  24 Jun 1896Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I15844