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Brunswick, Victoria, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beale, Alan Robert James  1906Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5903
2 Beale, Alice Margaret  26 Mar 1903Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5862
3 Beale, Arthur James  1879Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I38674
4 Beale, Arthur Robert Rodger  26 Apr 1916Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5934
5 Beale, Doris Elizabeth  25 Mar 1901Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5861
6 Beale, John George  21 Dec 1899Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5860
7 Beale, Richard McMinn  1916Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5904
8 Clinton, Margaret Agnes  1914Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5972
9 Clinton, Margaret Elizabeth  1881Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5799
10 Clinton, Wilfred Harold  5 Feb 1916Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5973
11 Gray, Elizabeth Edith Alison  25 Aug 1910Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5844
12 Heeps, Ada Hamblyn  Apr 1910Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5838
13 Heeps, Agnes Thompson  1859Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5724
14 Heeps, Allison Ann  1864Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5726
15 Heeps, Elsie May  1888Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5794
16 Heeps, Elton Sydney  1892Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5795
17 Heeps, Emily Ashworth  25 Apr 1874Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5731
18 Heeps, Emily Susan  1890Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5796
19 Heeps, James  29 May 1866Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5727
20 Heeps, John Edward  18 Oct 1891Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5815
21 Heeps, John William  1886Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5793
22 Heeps, Margaret  1869Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5729
23 Heeps, Mary  28 Mar 1868Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5728
24 Heeps, Matthew  1872Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5730
25 Heeps, Matthew George Griffith  21 Jan 1912Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5839
26 Heeps, Olive Allicia  18 Feb 1902Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5818
27 Heeps, Robert  1858Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5723
28 Heeps, Robert Leishman  1862Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5725
29 Heeps, Ruby Irene  12 Feb 1896Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5816
30 Heeps, Valda Muriel  Oct 1906Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5837
31 Huckett, James Everard Over Wilson  1893Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5842
32 Lewis, Albert Edgar  1907Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5843
33 Matthew, Beatrice Olive  18 Jan 1899Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5923
34 Matthew, Emily Pearl  1908Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5926
35 Matthew, Hilda Elizabeth  9 Nov 1897Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5922
36 McKinna, Arthur John  29 Jan 1915Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5942
37 McKinna, George David  26 Apr 1910Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5940
38 McKinna, Robert Beale  31 May 1911Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5941
39 Shackleton, Euphemia Hette May  1887Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5791
40 Sheeky, Annie May  31 Oct 1918Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5878
41 Sheeky, Daisy Margaret  16 Jan 1917Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5877


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barber, Doris Alma May  2 Jun 1983Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5955
2 Beale, Alan Robert James  4 Aug 1919Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5903
3 Beale, George  15 Jan 1903Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5734
4 Beale, Richard McMinn  17 Aug 1928Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5904
5 Belcher, Florence Evelyn  14 Feb 1999Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5946
6 Clinton, David Thompson  11 Jul 1931Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5736
7 Flower, Susan  28 Dec 1902Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5735
8 Gray, Robert Wiliam  6 Dec 1953Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5742
9 Hamblyn, Eliza Francis Margaret  26 Jan 1957Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5741
10 Heeps, Emily Susan  1890Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5796
11 Hodgkinson, Robert Leslie Harding  23 Jan 1959Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5832
12 Matthew, Norman Eric Lance  27 Oct 1990Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5925
13 McKinna, Robert Beale  1 Jan 1976Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5941
14 McMinn, Rebecca  12 Jul 1957Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5788


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 McKinna, George David  17 Nov 1939Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I5940


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beale / McMinn  28 Apr 1897Brunswick, Victoria, Australia F1903
2 Beale / Shackleton  28 Oct 1911Brunswick, Victoria, Australia F1906
3 Clinton / Heeps  1880Brunswick, Victoria, Australia F1879
4 Downey / Beale  1925Brunswick, Victoria, Australia F1936
5 Heeps / Cummins  12 Jun 1889Brunswick, Victoria, Australia F1881
6 James / Heeps  1908Brunswick, Victoria, Australia F1883
7 Manning / Beale  6 Jun 1925Brunswick, Victoria, Australia F1935