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Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anson, Alexander David  8 Jan 1890Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25840
2 Anson, Alys Ellen  1891Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25841
3 Anson, Jessie Elizabeth  1888Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25838
4 Bingham, Craig Sydney Gerald  1898Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25912
5 Gerrand, Colin Craig Gilmore  1896Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25919
6 Gerrand, Russell David  1895Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25917
7 Gilmore, David  1884Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25832
8 Gilmore, Martha  1887Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25834
9 Gilmore, Thomas  1883Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25830
10 Malcolm, James  1863Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I16490
11 McClure, Alexander Thomas  1887Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I43563
12 McClure, Amy Alexandrina  24 Sep 1872Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25890
13 McClure, David George  1885Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I43569
14 McClure, David Hamilton  1893Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25820
15 McClure, Herbert Colin  Abt 1890Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I43568
16 McClure, Hilda Fanny  Abt 1894Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I43564
17 McClure, Mary Jane  9 Jun 1869Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25888
18 McClure, Robert John  1894Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25822
19 McDonald, Amy Isobel  1878Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25910
20 McDonald, Charles Herbert John  1873Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25906
21 McDonald, Elizabeth Russell  1870Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25904
22 McDonald, Marion Mabel  1875Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25908
23 Patten, Isabel Margaret  1900Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25913
24 Patten, Josiah Richard Andrew  6 Jul 1896Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25856
25 Russell, Amy Arthur Vevers  16 Dec 1862Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25783
26 Russell, Margaret  1863Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I43658
27 Russell, Margaret  1874Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25892
28 Russell, Sarah Margaret  1 Jul 1873Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25787
29 Thomas, Elizabeth  1908Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25989
30 Thomson, Archibald Graham  1905Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25934
31 Thomson, Elizabeth Russell  1899Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25930


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gilmore, Andrew  1886Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25827
2 McClure, James Arthur  9 Mar 1938Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25886
3 McClure, Norman  12 Mar 1971Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25998
4 Russell, James  18 Dec 1897Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25760


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 McClure, Thomas  20 Dec 1894Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia I25883


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bingham / Patten  1920Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia F9444
2 McClure / Henson  5 Nov 1884Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia F16380
3 Russell / Vevers  1 Jan 1862Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia F9385