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Carlton, Victoria, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barber, Doris Alma May  1904Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5955
2 Barber, William Alfred David  7 May 1906Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5956
3 Campbell, Alexander Frederick  1892Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5826
4 Campbell, Allison Eliza  8 Sep 1895Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5827
5 Campbell, Clements Victoria  1897Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5828
6 Campbell, Emily Doris  21 Mar 1903Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5829
7 Campbell, Joseph Clements  27 Jan 1866Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5739
8 Clinton, Irene Victoria  1892Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5805
9 Clinton, John Leslie  1890Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5804
10 Fluck, Albert Edward Roy  13 Jun 1909Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5929
11 Heeps, Alfred George  Aug 1899Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5773
12 Heeps, Annie Elizabeth  12 Oct 1884Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5761
13 Heeps, Charles Frederick  16 Nov 1879Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5750
14 Heeps, Daisy  21 Oct 1892Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5768
15 Heeps, Ethel Clare Louise  24 Jan 1882Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5753
16 Heeps, Ethel Rosina Agnes  26 Apr 1888Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5764
17 Heeps, Harold William  16 Oct 1905Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5774
18 Heeps, John Joel Mcluckie  Jan 1897Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5771
19 Heeps, Louise Ellen  26 Nov 1895Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5769
20 Heeps, Mary Gardiner  10 Apr 1890Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5766
21 Heeps, Unnamed  4 Feb 1886Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5763
22 James, Dorothy Elizabeth  1909Carlton, Victoria, Australia I38605
23 Loney, John Gerard  12 Jul 1929Carlton, Victoria, Australia I16632
24 Smith, Reginald Gould  1890Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5852
25 Wynne, Lester Alan  7 Oct 1908Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5958


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bastion, John James  16 Sep 1929Carlton, Victoria, Australia I6027
2 Beale, Roma Merle  12 Nov 1921Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5935
3 Campbell, Alexander Frederick  1893Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5826
4 Campbell, Joseph Clements  15 Jun 1937Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5739
5 Clinton, Irene Victoria  1893Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5805
6 Heeps, Allison Ann  28 Sep 1892Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5726
7 Heeps, Betty Catherine  15 Aug 1928Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5984
8 Heeps, Mary  18 Jun 1945Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5728
9 Heeps, Unnamed  5 Feb 1886Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5763
10 James, Dorothy Elizabeth  22 Jun 1909Carlton, Victoria, Australia I38605
11 Richards, Julie Jane  23 Feb 1882Carlton, Victoria, Australia I5732