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Orwin family - partial upload

Pankhurst family partial upload

Surnames beginning A to Q also uploaded (Pankhurst related only)

Welcome to the genealogy pages of

Ian Orwin


Kathleen Millar


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This website documents the ancestors & relations of Ian Orwin & Kathleen Millar by family name.

The research and documentation of these ancestors is an ongoing project, and as far as I am aware the details are accurate. The data has been gathered from birth, death and marriage certificates, UK census forms covering the period 1841 - 1911, and from church records.

I have included an acknowledgements page to thank other researchers who have also been working on these family trees, and without whose help much of this site would not be possible

As this site develops more links will be added to the navigation bar on the left of this page, giving access to more of our ancestors.











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